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Pitch Competition Winner Maurice Eckstein Seeks to Revolutionize Reform with The Eckstein Institute

B/Camp 2023 has revealed a constellation of bright ideas, but none shone quite as boldly as Maurice Eckstein's grand prize-winning pitch for The Eckstein Institute. His dynamic think tank is addressing crucial gaps in healthcare and education in Trinidad and Tobago.

Maurice drew upon his 20+ years as an executive administrator driving change in advocacy and academia to envision a venture tackling his homeland’s evolving needs. His Trinidadian roots give him powerful perspective into the social factors impacting community health and schooling.

Maurice’s think tank is more than just a research hub - it’s an engine of reform. By spotlighting systemic challenges, then providing data-driven recommendations, The Institute raises awareness and empowers industry changemakers.

Maurice sees a future where the institute is a powerhouse, supplying community leaders with the insights they need to create meaningful impact on education and health equity. His dynamic vision has captured the imagination of all who hear it.

Like any trailblazing founder, Maurice has leveraged the pitch competition prize to propel his venture forward. Part went towards attending the BLD Southeast conference - an opportunity to both lead through learning and connect with fellow reformers.

The remaining prize money is funding several launchpad elements. From creating a branding identity with a custom logo to securing essential business registration materials, Maurice is using the resources strategically. This critical boost accelerates the think tank from abstract concept into concrete reality.

Maurice Eckstein's big vision for data-driven reform goes far beyond personal accolades. His win symbolizes a triumphant future for Trinidad and Tobago’s healthcare and education landscape. We at the B/Suite eagerly anticipate the transformative ripple effects as his think tank comes to vivid life. Our fullest congratulations, Maurice! Let the change begin.



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