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Navigating Change: How OutcomesX Leveraged Fractional Leadership to Transform

Liz, a seasoned talent acquisition specialist, recently completed a project with the B/Suite that focused on assisting with job descriptions, candidate sourcing and screening for four key roles at OutcomesX. As the project evolved, the scope narrowed to emphasize roles critical to OutcomesX's immediate growth and impact. Here's a closer look at the project and its outcomes:

Project Overview

OutcomesX, a dynamic organization, sought to fill four crucial roles: CFO, Director of Business Development, Director of Outcomes Partnerships and Engineer.



Liz's valuable insights led to several recommendations for OutcomesX's talent acquisition strategy:

  • Increased Budget: Allocating more resources for candidate sourcing and promotion.

  • Competitive Benefits: Enhancing benefits packages to attract top talent.

  • Interview Rubrics: Developing clear interview rubrics for each role to ensure alignment with OutcomesX's expectations.

  • Future Assistance: Liz remains available for further assistance in the future.


Liz's collaboration with the B/Suite significantly advanced the talent acquisition process for OutcomesX. Her strategic approach and dedication resulted in a pool of qualified candidates and actionable recommendations. As OutcomesX looks to continue its growth in 2024, these efforts lay a strong foundation for future success. Interested in an OutcomesX-sized success for your own endeavors? Let's connect today to explore the possibilities.



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