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How B/Suite's Fractional CMO Services Revived USHCA's Marketing Strategy

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In the ever-evolving landscape of nonprofits, organizations like the Urban Schools Human Capital Academy (USHCA) face the constant challenge of staying relevant, expanding their reach, and effectively communicating their mission to a broader audience. Danielle Pickens, Chief Program Officer at USHCA, recognized this challenge and sought innovative solutions to revamp their marketing strategies. That's when B/Suite stepped in, providing game-changing Fractional CMO Services.

The Challenge: Elevating Marketing Efforts

USHCA, a nonprofit dedicated to addressing human capital challenges in urban education, understood the importance of modernizing their marketing initiatives. They needed to enhance their online presence, engage their target audience effectively, and cement their influence within the education sector. Danielle Pickens, determined to bring about this transformation, looked to B/Suite for their expertise.

The B/Suite Solution: Fractional CMO Services

B/Suite's fractional staffing services offered USHCA a cost-effective and results-driven approach to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) role. Instead of hiring a full-time CMO, USHCA partnered with Diana, a seasoned marketing executive from the B/Suite talent pool. This innovative approach not only provided USHCA with the expertise they needed but also allowed them to flexibly access Diana's skills without the financial commitment of a full-time hire.

The Journey: A Seamless Collaboration

Danielle's journey with B/Suite spanned over six months, during which she and Diana worked in close collaboration. The partnership was marked by:

  • Strategic Vision: Diana's extensive knowledge and strategic vision brought a fresh perspective to USHCA's marketing initiatives. She understood the nonprofit's unique objectives and crafted tailored strategies to achieve them.

  • Quality Deliverables: Diana consistently delivered high-quality work, exceeding USHCA's expectations. Her commitment to punctuality and excellence was unwavering.

  • Project Management: Diana seamlessly managed the various marketing projects, ensuring deadlines were met and that every aspect of the collaboration ran smoothly.

  • Proactive Recommendations: Diana didn't just execute tasks; she actively sought opportunities to improve USHCA's marketing efforts, providing invaluable suggestions along the way.

The Results: A Resounding Success

Danielle Pickens and USHCA's experience with B/Suite's Fractional CMO services was nothing short of transformative. Their marketing initiatives received a significant boost, their online presence expanded, and their mission reached a broader audience. The flexibility of working with a fractional executive allowed them to achieve these results without the financial commitments of a full-time hire.

Danielle's Take:

"If you have project work or require profound expertise without committing to a full-time hire, reach out to the B Suite. The process is remarkably straightforward. They curate a list of high-quality executives based on your specific needs, enabling you to commence collaboration with your chosen executive in just a week! We have been immensely impressed by the work of our B Suite executive; we recently signed a year-long contract. Her perspective and vision are now integral to our team, and I can't imagine functioning without her!"

The USHCA and Danielle Pickens' success story with B/Suite's Fractional CMO services is a testament to the power of innovative solutions in the nonprofit sector. It showcases how forward-thinking organizations can leverage fractional executives to achieve their goals, even on a limited budget. B/Suite continues to empower organizations like USHCA to unlock their full potential and drive meaningful change in their respective industries.

The Process: Simple, Swift, and Strategic

Embarking on the journey to enhance your organization's marketing efforts with B/Suite is straightforward and streamlined, ensuring that you can focus on what matters most - your mission. Here's how we connect you with top-tier marketing talent in just a few steps:

  1. Consultation & Needs Analysis: We start with a in-depth consultation where we discuss your specific challenges and goals. We leverage AI for note taking so that we can fully lean into the conversation, asking those "why didn't I think of that" questions.

  2. Expert Matching: In just a couple of days, our experienced People Team will carefully match you with three Fractional Chief Marketing Officers from our diverse Suite. You'll receive access to detailed profiles via our client portal, where you can review each candidate's resume, work samples, introductory videos, and more, enabling you to make an informed selection.

  3. Selection & Scope: Once selected, you'll meet with your top choice to learn more about their background, working style, and vision for your time together. You'll discuss the scope of work and deliverables, ensuring that you both have aligned expectations.

  4. Project Kickoff: With the scope agreed upon, your engagement officially begins and we'll be there to support you along the way!

Ready to transform your marketing and amplify your impact? Connect with B/Suite today and start your journey towards marketing excellence with our expert Fractional CMOs.



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