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Fractional Staffing

The B/Suite is a great solution for companies in need of a flexible workforce. Whether you're entering a busy season, need support with short-term projects on a regular basis, need an expert to lead a sprint, or need to fill a critical gap during a transition period, interim staffing can often be the ideal solution.

We maintain a full Suite of fractional staff who are vetted and ready to begin work on short notice. Our Executives compliment your current team, allowing you to scale up or down as needed, operating at peak efficiency at all times and without unnecessary personnel costs.

How itWorks

Our streamlined process makes growing your team easy. We work with you to understand your business needs, design a clear and concise scope of work, and match you with aligned experts ready to support your team. We provide flexible support and expertise across a variety of functional areas including:

HR & Talent Management

Fundraising & Development

Finance & Accounting

Digital Media

Marketing & Communications

Executive Leadership & Strategy

To facilitate ongoing growth and development, our team of expert leadership coaches provide both executives and clients with professional development and equity-based coaching support throughout our engagement.

The Suite 


10+ years of experience

Experts in team leadership and people management

Strategic thinkers able to set org-wide vision and goals for long-term success

Starting at
$4100 per month

7+ years of experience in a management role

Senior leaders with core expertise and technical skills

Experience leading cross-functional teams

Starting at 
$2800 per month

5+ years of specialized experience

Tactical teammates with strong project management skills

Emerging leaders with an eye towards the day-to-day

Starting at 
$2200 per month
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Ready to get Started?

Request your no obligation, risk-free quote today to get started. We look forward to supporting your needs and building a more diverse workforce together!

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