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Unique! How B/Camp 2023 Exemplifies The B/Suite's Dedication to Building a Diverse Future

September's B/Camp 2023 brought together entrepreneurs, business leaders and experts in a dynamic blend of in-person and virtual sessions held at The Hatchery, Center for Innovation at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. Over two enlightening days, attendees -- or as we call them here at the B/Suite, Campers -- from across the nation converged to not only explore the latest in business strategy and growth but to also build community through showing up as one's most authentic self and sharing the knowledge learned along the way. These shared experiences underscored the core values that define the culture we at the B/Suite aim to cultivate in the worlds of consulting, entrepreneurship and small businesses.

EJ Johnson, Eric Heyward, Nathan Stuck, Nandi Edouard and Mark Travis Rivera (left to right) at the conclusion of the Stories of Success & Resilience panel.

At B/Suite, our culture is defined by core values that form the foundation of everything we do. Expertise, transparency, and liberation aren't just words; they're the guiding principles that set the tone for our work. These principles were prominently on display at B/Camp. In the session titled "Navigating Racism in Our Careers: Strategies for Resilience & Advocacy," our Camp Counselors, including our CEO, Candice Durham, facilitated a candid dialogue on the realities of dealing with racism while building a career. This was an opportunity for Campers to discuss how it informs workplace culture and strategies for creating more inclusive and equitable work environments. Our commitment to learning, transparency and dismantling white supremacy shone brightly throughout the event.

Our lineup also featured notable speakers who shared invaluable insights. Anastasia Simon of TechStars Atlanta delved into the nuances of building meaningful relationships when seeking venture capitalist funding. John Suk, Vice President of Business Advisory Services for Portalus, led an informative presentation on the power of offering competitive benefits to employees. Small business leaders at varying stages of their own business development all came together to compete in our Pitch Competition for the $1,000 grand prize, voted on by fellow Campers both in person and virtually.

The sense of community and networking during B/Camp was palpable. Breakfasts and lunches designed for networking set the stage for genuine connections that persisted throughout the event. Additionally we partnered with A Hospitality Group to introduce the camp/card – sustainable business cards equipped with NFC technology – simplified contact sharing, resonating significantly with attendees. The emphasis on forging connections isn't limited to this event; it's at the heart of the culture we aim to nurture at B/Suite.

Candice Durham, Tracey Lloyd and Sabrena Brown (left to right) during the Building High Performing Teams panel.

Our services and offerings at B/Suite are designed to empower your business growth. Through a streamlined process, we assist in understanding your business needs and connecting you with aligned experts who are ready to support your team. Our expertise spans a wide array of functional areas, including HR & Talent Management, Fundraising & Development, Finance & Accounting, Digital Media, Marketing & Communications and Executive Leadership & Strategy. To ensure continuous development, our expert leadership coaches provide executive clients with professional development and equity-based coaching support throughout our engagement. You'll also have access to tools, resources and opportunities from vetted, mission-aligned organizations.

Our founders Dickey Comeaux and Candice Durham explaining the B/Suite mission.

With the spirit of B/Camp 2023 still fresh in the air one month later, we invite you to embrace the B/Suite culture and become part of a community committed to making a difference. Join the Suite here to access a world of opportunities. If you're seeking top-tier talent or support for your business, explore our hiring solutions here.

In a world of entrepreneurship, where collaboration, equity, and expertise define the path to success, let the B/Suite be your guiding star! Don't miss the chance to be part of our dynamic community dedicated to empowering your entrepreneurial journey.



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