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The Lazy Entrepreneurs Conference

Entrepreneurship, a path fraught with challenging twists and turns, was boldly confronted at Mobu Enterprises Foundation's The Lazy Entrepreneur's Economic Growth Conference. Determined to challenge the notion of a treacherous journey, the conference united entrepreneurs, business leaders, and innovators in Atlanta driven by mentorship and shared resources, all with a singular goal: to scale their businesses and thrive.

Amongst the thought leaders present was the B/Suite’s Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Dickey Comeaux! Side by side with Jessica Lewis, Founder of Mobu Enterprises Foundation and co-host of the conference, Dickey welcomed attendees to two days brimming with sessions delving into various aspects of business development, metaverse utilization, conquering real estate, and much more.

The purpose of the conference was straightforward: to gather crucial resources in one convenient location. The aim was to relieve entrepreneurs from the overwhelming task of searching through scattered and possibly unreliable information that may or may not support business growth. The event focused on equipping entrepreneurs at all stages with direct resources that could be applied immediately. These resources also offered dynamic mentorship to help entrepreneurs navigate challenges and reduce risks. By embracing the idea of "lazy" as "easy" or minimal effort, the conference shattered the misconception perpetuated by the internet that entrepreneurship must be a difficult and arduous journey.



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