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The 2023 Truist Fellowship Summit

The 2023 Truist Foundation Fellowship Summit brought together 17 ambitious entrepreneurs, small business owners, and nonprofit founders to Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. The summit celebrated the culmination of the 16-week fellowship program powered by the Watson Institute.

The summit served as a platform for the fellows to deliver their final presentations, pitching their companies and sharing their visions for creating a positive impact within their communities through job creation and economic development.

One of the 17 chosen fellows was B/Suite’s very own Dickey Comeaux, Co-Founder and COO. As part of the fellowship program, Dickey had the opportunity to showcase B/Suite's unique approach to utilizing tech to optimize fractional staffing to serve black, brown, and indigenous people.

Each fellow presented their respective ventures, highlighting the positive impact they aimed to achieve within their communities. The presentations were well-received by the audience, which included leaders from the Atlanta metro area, funders, and fellow entrepreneurs. The Truist Foundation Fellowship provided a space for networking, mentorship and fostering connections among the fellows. That space, in tandem with a 16 week curriculum aimed at skill development and financial literacy, equipped the fellows to form a supportive community of like-minded individuals committed to making a difference while developing and scaling an impactful venture.

B/Suite is proud to announce Truist Foundation and Watson Institute as sponsors of our upcoming B/Camp, an interactive playground coming to the Hatchery Center for Innovation at Emory University on September 14 and 15. Tickets on sale now!



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