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B/Camp's Pitch Competition Third Finalist Symphony Lyricist Blooms with Lotus Flower Om Skincare

Holistic skincare founder Symphony Lyricist blossomed at B/Camp 2023. Her pitch for Lotus Flower Om, a line of essential oil-infused skincare products deeply rooted in ancient eastern beauty traditions, captivated the judges and audience. Now, with prize money in hand, Symphony's vision for empowering holistic wellbeing is coming into full bloom.

Symphony is no stranger to mind-body balance. A certified yoga instructor and reiki master, she radiates an aura of zen. Her journey to inner and outer beauty began by recognizing the importance of finding peace in the chaos of modern life. Lotus Flower Om was born from that revelation. More than just a skincare line, it's a mindset - a reminder to stop, breathe, and nourish your whole self.

Lotus Flower Om's products harness the power of essential oils and botanicals to ground, relax and replenish. Symphony artfully blends ancient eastern ingredients like jasmine, sandalwood and rose with modern methods. Her creations are an invitation to disconnect from stress and reconnect with yourself. Because true beauty, according to Symphony, comes from self-confidence and self-love.

At B/Camp, Symphony blossomed both personally and professionally. The workshops, mentoring sessions and collaborations with fellow BIPOC entrepreneurs were enlightening. "Participating in B/Camp was an immersive experience that inspired me to further elevate the impact of Lotus Flower Om," she said.

Now, armed with prize money from the pitch competition, Symphony is ready to empower more holistic wellbeing. She's investing in marketing and branding, with plans to run targeted ads expanding Lotus Flower Om's reach. "This financial boost allows me to amplify our mission of promoting mind-body balance to a broader audience," Symphony shared.

Symphony's blossoming success proves the transformative power of the B/Suite community. She arrived with a seed of an idea, and is now cultivating a thriving holistic brand. We can't wait to see Lotus Flower Om continue to flourish, promoting inner and outer radiance. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of empowerment from B/Camp 2023!



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