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Meet Hyoann & ChefHealth, our 2023 Pitch Competition Second Finalist!

At the intersection of innovation and empathy stands Hyoann Choi, a visionary bioengineer on a mission to reshape healthcare.

Armed with a doctoral degree from Georgia Tech, Hyoann is driven by a quest to transcend traditional medicine. Her goal? To create a future where no one's life is limited by health conditions.

The spark for her startup ChefHealth came from a personal encounter. Realizing her friend, co-founder and fellow Georgia Tech alum Chinaza Ogbonna-Salmon was grappling with severe dietary restrictions revealed an unmet need. Hyoann ambitioned to extend support to others facing similar challenges.

Hyoann's bold vision? To deliver personalized nutrition guidance directly to individuals managing chronic illnesses.

Her web app is like having a dietary coach in your pocket. The specialized search engine empowers users to explore restaurant menus and products tailored to their unique needs and tastes.

No more guesswork for those with medical dietary requirements. Just confidence that every bite meets their health goals. But Hyoann's aspirations extend beyond food. Her goal is to provide holistic support, alleviating the daily burdens carried by those with chronic conditions.

Placing second in B/Camp 2023's Pitch Competition propels this vision forward. The prize money provides the stepping stone to develop a ChefHealth prototype. This crucial next step will allow potential users to test the platform and provide feedback.

At ChefHealth's core is Hyoann's dedication to enhancing lives through innovation. Her relentless pursuit of solutions makes her a trailblazer in healthcare technology.

Hyoann's mission deeply resonates with the B/Suite's ethos. We applaud her vision to transform healthcare with empathy-driven tech.

Stay tuned as we walk alongside Hyoann on her journey with ChefHealth. We're proud to uplift visionary entrepreneurs like her, ensuring healthcare innovations serve those who need them most. The future of equity in health is bright.



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