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From Burnout to Balance


I'll never forget the day I decided to transition from being an education leader to becoming an independent consultant. I was exhausted. I'd worked with schools, teams, and school districts for over a decade, and I had worn many hats—from managing multi-million dollar networks to closing and opening schools as a Regional School Officer to developing and fundraising as a division leader. But I had also been dealing with systemic racism and the lack of recognition of my identity and how I worked. I was burned out and needed a change to protect my well-being.

So I decided to take the plunge and transition into fractional and consulting work, a move that gave me a much-needed sense of self and work-life balance. My experience working with thousands of stakeholders from all levels was a significant factor in my decision to move into consulting, and it has proved invaluable for the organizations I've served.

This shift has changed my life in so many ways. I'm no longer obligated to be in the office for eight or more hours daily. I've been able to reclaim control over my own time and energy. I can travel to different places, work with different clients, and gain various skills, experiences, and perspectives. Most importantly, I no longer feel silenced by the dominant white culture that seeks to keep me down.

I believe this experience has made me more conscious of the systemic racism that exists in the workplace. It has opened my eyes to how organizations can be more inclusive and equitable and the importance of hiring and retaining BIPOC talent. I've seen first-hand the positive impact of diverse leadership on an organization. The more voices and perspectives present, the more an organization can learn and grow.

White-led organizations that want to be part of the solution must commit to hiring more talent of color and build the systems needed for them to thrive.

I'm passionate about helping organizations create cultures of equity and inclusion, and I'm committed to helping them find ways to hire and retain more BIPOC talent. Leaders who are struggling to do this need to be proactive about creating systems that allow BIPOC talent to thrive and engaging in meaningful dialogue about how to create a truly inclusive work environment. This is why we created B/Suite.

White-led organizations that want to be part of the solution must commit to hiring more talent of color and build the systems needed for them to thrive. This means committing to recruiting talent from all backgrounds, listening to our experiences, seeking our input on how to move the organization forward, and choosing flexibility as a means of psychological safety. It means creating a culture of inclusion and respect — and supporting BIPOC employees as allies, mentors, and sponsors.

I'm proud of my work to help organizations become more equitable and inclusive, and I'm grateful for the opportunities consulting has given me to hone my skills and create meaningful change. It's been a challenging journey, but I'm committed to helping organizations create cultures with BIPOC leaders and build systems where they can thrive.

I’m Dickey Comeaux, Co-Founder of the B Suite and Chief Operating Officer. What's your seat?



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